Jeffraes was founded in 2010.  The name is a  combination of  Jeff And Raelene Johnson.

The Johnson’s also have 2 daughters Tristen and Felicity and 2 sons Hayden and Brad,  all who take a keen interest in the going on ‘s of the stud.  Brad and Felicity are also seen around the show ring helping out wherever they can.


The breeding objectives are to have a very meaty, natural mothering, easy birth, traditional maturing, good tempered Southdown’s with a touch of flare to their personality. The selection and future development of the stud are discussed regularly with input from everybody in the family.


Jeffrae’s started with the purchase of the flock 2106 Mrs L Bligh which was established in 1974

32 ewes where purchased with 1 stud ram.

On 14th  May 2010 18 mated ewes and 2 stud rams were purchased from the Southern Pastures Dispersal Sale.

November 2011 4 ewes were purchased from the Chandapara Southdown stud

Since this time in 2012 1 stud ram from Romale Southdown stud was purchased

We now  have a good sound base of genetics with sound traditional modern Southdown to keep the Southdown breed true to type  


Stud & Flock rams are sold privately every year on property and stud ewes are also available by private sale.

For further information feel free to call Jeff Johnson on 0418310398 or contact this website.