Border Leicesters




Neil started breeding Border Leicester rams for their own replacements in 1980. Then with brother Jeff, they started Johno’s Border Leicester stud, which was registered in 1985, flock 4411, starting with 10 ewes and 1 ram, purchased from the Pethick Border Leicester Stud at Ashbourne SA. We were fortunate to select from the tops of the flock.


Our First ram was Pethick P127/82. We were given a very good start from the Pethick family from Ashbourne in South Australia. This ram was the reserve champion ram at Adelaide Show in 1984. Because of our small ewe base in those formative years this ram did not have the impact that he should have.



 Since that time by selective buying from some of the best Border Leicester Studs in Australia, including Plymouth dispersal, The Oaks dispersal, Newbrae, Fraser and the Pethick dispersal, we have increased the stud to over 400 Breeding Ewes.

Introduced sires that had an impact in the early days were:

Wongajong H166/86 who goes back to NZ genetics


Duenclin 27/88 by a Bella Vista sire

Newbrae K130/90 by Retallack Giant

Kelso Q74/92 by Kelso L148.

Since then introduced sires,

  • Pethick Nitwit 76/92
  • Campaspe 122/92
  • Cadell 54/93
  • Fraser 192/96
  • The Oaks Pride the 97th and The Oaks Pride 108th purchased from The Oaks dispersal
  • Morton Long Edition 58/98
  • Hewitt 116/01
  • Raywill 42/03
  • Cadell 850/07
  • Morton 200/09
  • Bindaree 225/09

And AI sires,

  • Retallack Plugger 346/97
  • Two Dot 198/98
  • Kelso V77/96 & Kelso X49/98
  • Studleigh 68/98 & 65/99 from NZ
  • Cadell 359/09
  • Retallack Earthquake 947/13
  • Jackson 16/16 

have bred many good ewes and rams.

We have been involved in a group breeding program since the inception of $uperBorder$ which gives us a great comparison to benchmark our flock. The introduction of 2 sires each year that are used in at least 2 other flocks.

We tried some sires from the past including Colorado Sterling,(Champion Perth), Chandivan Justin,(Reserve Melbourne to another Chandivan Ram) Otago Victa,(Champion Melbourne) and Fraser James(breeder of many stud sires) in an AI program, so very interested to see how far the breed has come in the last 20 years!

Significant Sires

Through the use of AI we have had access to high performing sires as well as some untested sires in our search for new productive genetics.

Our most influential sires include:

  • Johnos Kel 52/94
  • Johnos Haystack 137/95 (MCPT sire)
  • Johnos Aroura 9493/99
  • Johnos Siriver 9010/99
  • Johnos Beacon 65/00
  • Johnos Aroura 5th 1013/01
  • Johnos Aroura 9th 2090/02
  • Johnos Rossillo 3028/03
  • Johnos Aroura 14th 4177/04
  • Johnos Rossillo 5361/05
  • Johnos Rossillo 4th 648/06
  • The Hulk” 369/06 
  • Johnos Womboota 537/08
  • Johnos Max 606/10
  • Johnos Kel 52/11
  • Johnos Aroura 83/11 (high performing industry ram)
  • Johnos Aroura 165 & 166/11 (Twins)
  • Johnos Aroura 288/12
  • Johnos Aroura 228/14

Our most successful show ram in addition to "The Hulk", was Johnos Caprice 192/04, who unfortunately didn't breed to expectations.


Ewe Flock

Exellent Maternal Performers

The flock also consists of many great ewes, some including:

Johnos 216/95, dam of many good breeding ewes including 1275.

  • 1275. As well as being a triplet to Johnos Sirosal 1540 and 1276, has bred 3 stud sires. 2 of these having a major influence in our flock. Johnos Nitwit 9th 4473 and Johnos Elnino 234/06

Johnos 245/97, dam of 3 ewes to produce stud sires

  • 0135 dam of Johnos Beacon 7th 3423(retained), and grand dam of Johnos Rossillo 3rd 5399(retained semen, sold to Gracelands)
  • 2219 dam of twin stud rams Johnos Genisis 7th 4072(sold to Point vale Stud) & 8th 4073(sold to Tenalba Stud) 
  • 3173 Probably our most famous ewe
  •       dam of
  •     “The Hulk” 369/06, Champion Ram Adelaide 2007,    
  •      Grand dam of Johnos 99/06(sold Gracelands Stud).
  •      Johnos 1/08 used in stud
  •      125/09 a ewe to watch
  •      Twins 104 and 105 (Sold to Ru Gregg) of 2010


We are founding members of $uperBorder$ (  

Industry Involvement

We are involved in ongoing trials including:

  • Maternal Sire trial program
  • Young Sire Breeding Program
  • Sheep Genomics
  • Sheep CRC.

Along with performance recording using Lambplan, Johnos exhibit sheep at various major shows including Adelaide Royal, Bendigo Sheep Show, Hamilton Sheepvention, Mount Gambier and various local country shows. This helps us to identify the best performing Border Leicester genetics available, and also to see the best genetics on show.

As respected sheep breeders Neil and Jeff have Judged at many Major and country shows.

Both Neil and Jeff have held leadership positions on $uperBorder$, Border Leicester Associations, SA Stud Sheep Breeders Association, as well as various sub committees.