2011 Sale Cover

2011 Sale Catalogue

2011 sale results


 Border Leicester rams sold to a top of $4100 for a sale average of $1551.

Top priced ram, lot 2, went to Clayton Horsepole "Boogas"

Other stud rams went to

     Ru Gregg "Rockville", lot 4 $3000 and 10A(twin to lot 8) $2700

     Mark Cain "Rodvale", Lot 5 $2800

     Allan Gum "Gracelands", Lot 7 $3900 and Lot 15 $3000

     Neil Khroen "Belmont", Lot 10 $3000

Flock Rams sold to $2900.

"The Hulk" our most significant sire dominated the sale with his drop of rams averaging $1950, which included 2 Stud rams Lot 7 and 10. Clients appreciating the two sides to the equation,his exceptional carcass qualities with the ability to turn wether lambs off mum, and top performing females to return to the flock. As time goes on he is continuing to be one of the leading maternal sires in the industry.